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William H, Washington, DC


"A little while ago Mr. Crane handled a situation on my behalf. I could not have asked for a better advocate. Mr. Crane's tireless commitment in pursuit of the truth in my defense was utterly amazing. Nothing was ever sprung on me, he always gave me the truth in what was going on and in the next road we would go down. I say we because I never felt like I was alone in my situation. He will always be my lawyer of choice and I hope my friend." 

Anne S., Fairfax, VA


 Excellent! We got the best outcome possible!! 

"I cannot even begin to thank Bernard Crane for all of his help. Not only was his legal representation impeccable, but his support in offering us reputable resources and advice, above and beyond the legalities of our situation, were priceless. We were impressed from the very beginning at his professionalism, reassurance and candor, while always treating my son with the utmost respect. The end result was the absolute best case scenario. I hope we don't need legal representation again, but if we do he will be the first person we call, no doubt about it!"

Ada C., Washington, DC


 "Bernard Crane is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking attorney. His work ethic and commitment to his clients is equally as impressive as his overall good nature. While his record speaks for itself, I would also highly recommend Mr. Crane to represent any of my friends or family in need of a good attorney with proven results." 

Alan V., Maryland


Best Legal Representation!

 "Over the years, I have had the unfortunate need to hire many lawyers for various legal issues. By far, Mr. Crane has been one of the best attorneys retained. He has represented me and my companies for many years and I couldn't be more pleased. He explains the procedures, time lines, expenses, and possible outcome(s) before hand and he is almost 100% accurate. Hope he never retires so there will be no need to hire someone else."

G.A., Fairfax, Virginia



"Mr. Crane has provided me with business counsel for over 20 years. His expertise includes legal administration to contract review to tips on business negotiation and long range planning. In addition, Mr. Crane is highly responsive to meet my immediate business needs. He is a well trusted business adviser and provides both a legal view as well as a business perspective."

Anonymous Client


"My daughter had an encounter with the legal system which put her at serious risk. It was her good fortune to have Bernard Crane appointed to defend her. Mr. Crane took the time to deal with her physical disabilities and exercised the compassion needed to understand her unique psychological/social issues. He communicated clearly with her and defended her with great skill. At a time that consumed my daughter with fear and anxiety for her future, her confidence in Mr. Crane gave her hope. Mr. Crane negotiated a plea agreement that was fair to all involved. Mr. Crane's commitment to this case went above and beyond our expectations. He is a skilled attorney with deep compassion and understanding of the people he represents. You will be well served with Bernard Crane as your attorney."

Andrew R, Silver Spring, Md


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Crane's work. He's personal, savvy, focused and experienced! Does great legal work. Some time ago my partner got into some trouble. It appeared he was doomed and destined for a long prison sentence. Mr. Crane worked very closely with us, on life issues and supported us beyond the end of his case. Mr. Crane understands the relationships necessary to work with Judges and Prosecutors; and how to direct his clients in order to get the best outcomes. I highly recommend him. Andrew Robinson, Silver Spring, Maryland." 

(client sentenced to probation) 

William M., New Jersey


 "Throughout my career handling business needs of some of the world’s largest public and private companies, and in instances regarding personal matters as well, I have encountered circumstances requiring legal counsel.  In many of those circumstances, I have sought counsel from Bernie Crane.  Each time, I have found his knowledge of law, both civil and criminal, his extensive experience, his careful attention to detail, and generally, his unwavering focus on the concerns and welfare of his client, to be invaluable.  His expertise in matters of contract and other complex business matters has been particularly evident, as is his ability to simplify complexity and devise practical, real-world solutions to problems.  I would recommend Bernie Crane to anyone in need of sound legal counsel. "

Matt W., Washington, DC


 "Bernard was very professional when handling my expungement case. He was timely in his response and walked me through the whole process. He really helped me out since he could meet in DC which is where I live and work." 

Antonio P., Dulles, Va.


 Mr. Crane is an angel sent by God....or whomever you believe in.  I don’t know much about sports but, if we’re speaking football, he’s Tom Brady! Not only he is extremely intelligent and well know within the judicial system, he is also very fashionable.  Mr. Crane is understanding, compassionate, sincere, straightforward and disciplined.  About a week after I spoke with Mr. Crane, I had a personal incident with an ex partner.  An incident that had completed nothing to do with why I was seeking representation.  I currently work in the airline industry and due to my ex partner, I had no choice but to squat in the airport for two months.  It was tough!  Sleeping on the airport floor, bathing myself in the restroom sink and I worked 202.7 hours in what is equivalent to a two weeks time frame.  I lost my partner, one of my vehicles, my self respect and was on the verge of losing my job.  Mr. Crane saved me! I have now been offered a better paid position with more opportunity.  If know one else reads this post, I would just like to say thank you Mr. Crane for being my knight in shining armor.  God Bless you!  -Antonio Parker 

Amir Lynch, Washington, DC


 Bernard Crane is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. He understands criminal law, having practiced in DC and Northern Virginia for many years. He is ethical and will assess case outcomes based on the law and facts of your case. He is a good listener and will take the time to understand your case. He always returns phones calls and emails. Text messages too.

He is a strategic thinker and can assimilate a great deal of information (evidence) and use that information to move his client’s case forward. I had just turned 18 and was facing 4 felony charges in the District of Columbia. Mr. Crane spent countless hours reviewing the evidence to build a strong defense for me.

He engaged an investigator to go to the crime scene to gather more evidence in favor of my defense. Mr. Crane determined that plainclothes and uniformed MPD officers approached me without a warrant or probable cause. I did not consent to be stopped or searched and asked repeatedly if I was under arrest.

I was physically held against my will and questioned repeatedly even though I asserted my constitutional rights not to consent to a voluntary search. Mr. Crane filed a motion with the court to suppress the evidence in the case because the officers had no probable cause to arrest or even detain and search me.

Furthermore, in detaining me, Mr. Crane pointed out that at no time did the officers inform me of my “Miranda” rights. The court agreed with Mr. Crane, dismissing all four felonies against me. Now, I am headed to college to study cybersecurity and entrepreneurship instead of heading to the federal penitentiary for 5 to 7 years. Mr. Crane’s legal defense gave me my  life back.

If you need a really amazing criminal defense lawyer to help you resolve a criminal matter in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, you need to hire Bernard Crane. He is a 5-Star lawyer. He is the best that money can buy and worth every penny. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Crane without reservation based on my personal experience.

Attorney Endorsements

Jordan Knabb, Criminal defense Attorney

"I highly recommend Bernie to anyone and everyone facing a DWI/DUI/OVI case. Bernie has a very specialized skill set that a lot of attorneys do not have. Bernie has completed the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test certification course and knows exactly what to look for when handling these cases."

Kevin Hargis, Fellow defense lawyer

 "Bernie is a highly trained and certified regarding NHTSA field sobriety testing. Because of this certification, Bernie knows how to explain what you, the accused, did right on a sobriety test, and what the arresting officer did wrong. Bernie should be among your first choices for any OVI/DUI/DWI case. I highly recommend this attorney." 

Mark Rollins, Attorney


"I have known attorney Bernard Crane for over 10 years.  He is a lawyer's lawyer because of his vast years of experience in the area of criminal defense.  When there is a question that other criminal lawyers need help with they ask Bernard Crane. I highly endorse him." 

Todd Baldwin, Attorney

"Bernie Crane is one of the finest attorneys I know. He is dedicated to his clients and a master at the law. He is always knowledgeable about the best course of action to take in a case and I would trust him completely in any courtroom proceeding. What’s even more is he truly cares about his clients more than just about any attorney I know. Of the hundreds of attorneys I have worked with and against over the decades I have practiced, Bernie Crane is right there at the top. I wholeheartedly endorse him as an attorney."

Bruce Cooper, Attorney

 "I have known Mr. Crane for nearly 25 years. During that period, Mr. Crane and I have worked together or consulted on numerous criminal cases. His courtroom manner and his relationship with his clients clearly demonstrates that he is an exceptional attorney." 

Edward Joseph, Criminal Defense Attorney

"I have been a colleague of Mr. Crane's for many years. I have never seen another attorney so attentive to his clients; caring for them not just as clients, but as people. He is relentless in analyzing legal issues and investigating facts. He is a gifted courtroom attorney who can be trusted to effectively present any argument in the best possible light. I would highly recommend Mr. Crane to family or friends. "

Henry Escoto, Attorney

 "Mr. Bernard Crane is one of the finest lawyers I've known. He possess the skills, competence and knowledge to effectively represent clients. He's committed to his client's cause and is fair to all parties. I highly recommend him." 

John Machado, Criminal Defense Attorney

"Mr. Crane is a very capable lawyer. He works hard for his clients and is very knowledgeable in the area of criminal law. His vast experience makes him an excellent advocate who can help you get the best resolution to your case, whether it is taking it to trial, or negotiating a plea with the government. I wholeheartedly recommend this attorney." 

Thomas Heslip, Criminal Defense Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer. I have watched him work for many years. He's intelligent, aggressive and hard working. And, of course, he has lots of experience." 

Ralph Robinson, Attorney

"Bernie is meticulous, efficient, resourceful, and diligent. He gets the best results for his clients." 

Paul Signet, Attorney

"I have know Attorney Crane for many many years. He is absolutely a first class attorney. He has handled some of the toughest cases with ease . We have worked together on very complex cases and I was impressed with his understanding of the issues and the factors that led to successful results. He has the ability to analyze cases and develop a winning approach with great results. He is an attorney whose advice is often sought by other attorneys." 

Jonathan Willmott, Attorney

"I strongly endorse this lawyer. I have always been impressed by Mr. Crane's thoroughness, dedication and professionalism." 

Alan Solomon, Attorney

 I endorse this lawyer. I have known Bernie for more than twenty years. We have worked for co-defendants in the past and he is one of the most hard working, competent lawyers you can hire. He will go above and beyond in every case and allow you to relax knowing you are in good hands 

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