Success Stories


Client was charged in an Armed  Kidnapping/Conspiracy/Assault With A Dangerous Weapon case and ordered held without bail pending trial. Conducted a full and thorough investigation, including crime scene investigation and  background investigation on the alleged victim. Located, interviewed and secured affidavits from previously unknown witnesses. After compiling and presenting complete information and evidence packet to the assigned prosecutor, was able to convince the United States Attorneys Office to drop all charges and release the client, all within 40 days after arrest.


Client was charged in an aggravated felony case with Threats To Kill, and held without bond pending trial - primarily due to allegations of purported victim that she had identified client as having previously committed a notorious unsolved "drive-by" shooting at a block party wherein she had been shot and other persons had been killed. Was able to counter the credibility of the complainant and convince a judge to release client pending trial. Fought with government over discovery of information helpful to the defense. After completing a lengthy and thorough investigation, including obtaining witness accounts and derogatory information on complainant, and presenting most of the information to the government, United States Attorneys Office first dropped the charges to a single misdemeanor count, then dismissed case entirely on the day of trial.


Client was charged with weapons offenses after Deputy US Marshals found ammunition and a firearm "speed-loader" in his apartment while conducting an eviction. Researched, prepared and argued motion to compel discovery  and motion to suppress evidence, winning both in multi-day motions hearing, resulting in all charges being dismissed.  

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